NanQ™ – The ITIN Program

JerryTorres.Pro Offers The NanQ ITIN Mortgage Loan Program

With over 11 Million undocumented people of all walks of life currently residing in the United States, there is a huge demand for a special mortgage product that caters to this market. This program is designed for borrower's that seem to be in limbo in regards to their current immigration status. They have been acknowledged by the U.S. Government as having legal standing here, yet they have not completed the process of becoming a Legal Permanent Resident Alien.

Now foreign families can reach the american dream of home ownership  by utilizing this privately funded mortgage program.

Program Highlights:

      • Loan Purpose: Purchase or Refinance
      • Occupancy:  owner-occupied primary residency only
      • Collateral types: 1-4 single family residences, townhouses,PUD's, condos
      • Minimum loan size $150,000. Maximum loan size $1,500,000. Higher loan amounts available by exception only.
      • Borrowers: Non-permanent resident aliens; natural person with legal capacity
      • Borrowers must possess a valid ITIN or IRS ITIN letter
      • LTV 10% to 20%
      • If a full credit profile does not exist, 1 traditional  line of credit + 3 non-tradition lines of credit could be use to establish credit history.
          • Allows a blending of income between a wage earners pay stubs and a self-employed borrower using bank statements.
      • Specialty Jumbo product for Foreign Nationals.